Pho - Vietnamese Noodles

Producing a delicious bowl of Pho takes time and care and the process is very meticulous. The most important thing about Pho is the broth. This process starts with homemade stock from either chicken or beef that is simmered for hours. Flavors are then developed by adding the right amount and mix of dried and fresh spices. Pour that over rice noodles and topped with your choice of meat, accompanied by fresh raw bean sprouts, chili peppers, lime, basil and you have a bowl of Pho.
 Pho is considered an all-time dish, which can be savored at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or "just feel like it” moments.

Regular Bowl: 10.50 Large Bowl 11.50

1. Pho Tai
Noodle soup with rare eye round steak.

2. Pho Chin
Noodle soup with well done brisket.

3. Pho Tai Chin
Noodle soup with rare eye round steak and well done brisket.

4. Pho Tai Nam
Noodle soup with rare eye round steak and well done flank.

5. Pho Chin Bo Vien
Noodle soup with well done brisket and meat balls.

6. Pho Tai Bo Vien
Noodle soup with rare eye round steak and meat balls

7. Pho Ga
Noodle soup with chicken.

8. Pho Rau
Noodle soup with steamed assorted vegetables.

9. Pho Dau Hu
Noodle soup with fired tofu.

10. Pho Khong 7.95/8.95 
Noodles and broth.

11. Pho Tom - 11.50/12.50
Noodle soup with poached shrimp.

12. Pho Hai san - Seafood Pho 12.25 (regular bowl)
Noodle soup with shrimp, squid, fish balls and crab stick.


13. Mama's Tom Yum Noodles   12.50
(add 2.00 for shrimp)
Pho noodles or vermicelli noodles with your choice of chicken, pork,
tofu or shrimp in a spicy and tangy Thai broth flavored with lemongrass,
lime juice, Thai chili, onions, tomatoes and fresh mushrooms.

Please alert your server of any food allergies. Consuming raw foods or undercooked meats,
poultry, seafood, shellfish or egg may increase your risk of food borne illness.

Mild Spicy Very Spicy